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Choosing a generator

Residential generators come in a wide range of sizes to meet the diverse needs of homeowners.

When choosing the right generator, you’ll need to consider:

  • The size of the system – how much of your stuff will you want to run during an outage
  • Portable vs Standby – Do you want to have hook it up when the power goes out? Or do you want it to kick right on?
  • Fuel — Do you want a gasoline, natural gas, or propane generator? Which will be your most affordable and efficient fuel choice?

How to prepare for a generator evaluation

  • Make a list of appliances/equipment that are “must-haves” during a power outage.
  • Make a list of the “nice-to-have” appliances.
  • Check the safety tags on your appliances to put together your wattage requirements.

Standby Generators

Each standby generator offers unique capabilities, so getting a comprehensive home evaluation from an expert is the best way to decide which generator is best for you.

Our generator experts will visit your home or business and give you all the information to assist you with your decision.

Commercial Generator Sales & Services

Manufacturing companies may put a contract at risk when their shops grind to a halt. Critical services such as healthcare providers, data centers, and telecommunication companies endanger not only their own services but those of their clients the minute they go dark. In each of these cases, a standby commercial generator will keep the business running at full power until the local utility restores service.

Generator Sales and Maintenance

Any Floridian knows, the weather in the Southeast brings risks of downed power lines due to Hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning or severe thunderstorms

Our technicians electricians specialize in the installation and service of generators — residential, commercial, and industrial.

We serve the Big Bend area. Financing is available. Contact us for more information and your free estimate!